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Scheduling now for October Winterizations

We suggest that you cut your watering back to 1 – 2 times a week to allow plants to acclimate to the fall cool-down.

New Boulder County customers welcome, as space permits.

Winter work available, check the Winter Work Tab above

If a freeze is on the way and your system has not been winterized, please go to the FREEZE WARNING TAB above for instructions that can help you



Are you Satisified with your Sprinkler System?

In other words, does your sprinkler system work as reliably and efficiently as you want it to?

  • Are you hand watering those areas where you just “make do” – wasting water and your personal time?
  • Do you want to be able to trust your system when you go vacation?
  • Do you want to fix your concerns this year so you can be ahead of the game next year?

We excel in taking an  existing troubled system and making it efficient and easy to use.  We also make additions, and reconfigure your system to your home upgrades.

As fall stealthy approaches, take stock of your current system’s strengths and weaknesses.  Arrange a consultation/estimate with us to get advice from a seasoned professional who understands the requirements that your system needs to be efficient and reliable for you and your landscape.

We see how much hard work our clients put into their landscapes and  are privileged they choose us to maintain their sprinklers.

 Feeling proactive?

Contact us early for your winterization scheduling