In the Spring and Fall there is always the chance that there will be a freeze and your system is on.

These 3 simple steps should tide you over:

  1. Wrap your backflow:  find the metal structure coming out of the ground near your house.  Wrap all exposed metal with  blankets/towels -cover with plastic bags – secure in place with duct tape or rope.  Please note that these systems differ.  If you are our client, contact Cottonwood Sprinkler and we should be able to tell you how your system is arranged.
    Sample Backflow Device
  2. Turn your Sprinkler turn-on valve OFF.  We have tried to label all of our clients TO valves for easy identification.  Some valves are in the basement with easy access.  Some are in crawlspaces, and some are in the ground outside.  Our clients can contact us for the  location if they are not sure.
  3. Turn your controller OFF.  The controller is the box that tells the system when and where to run.  Sometimes they are in the garage, outside on the house or in the basement with the turn on valve.     Simply turn the dial to OFF, or press the OFF button.  Once again, our clients can call us to help them locate and turn off their controller.

The Weather Channel 10 Day Forecast for Boulder

NOAA 7  Day Weather Forecast for Boulder

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