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Schedule your Turn-on Now for your Sprinkler System, in Boulder County


Gearing up for a new season of landscape beauty in Boulder County?

Although you can count on the weather being unpredictable, we work hard to make sure Cottonwood Sprinkler Company is not.   We believe in communication, arriving when we say we will and giving you the best sprinkler experience for your landscape and budget.

Our 30+ years of technical expertise is an important resource when your system is not  meeting your needs.  We also do maintenance, repair and consultations.  No full installations.

Whether you are a valued current customer (reminders sent out 3 weeks ago) 

or an  interested customer-to-be searching for respectful experience,

We hope to see you!

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New Sprinkler Clients Welcomed – Winterizations – When will it Freeze?

NEW CLIENTS WELCOME – call or email now

We are welcoming new clients –

  • 2 year warranty for parts/labor
  • scheduling notifications in spring and fall
  • Dependable
  • only use certified technicians
  • 9 years in business with many satisified references

Many people ask when is a good time to winterize their system in Boulder County.  Every season I hear people convinced both that it will be a mild October then it ends up getting cold quickly.  Since we do not have a crystal ball to guide our customers, we leave the timing up to you.  Here are some factors to consider:

  • In a nutshell, if you do it early, there will be no freeze concern, hopefully (after all – it is Colorado)
  • If you have new plantings or veggies/flower beds you want to keep going, you can use a hose instead of leaving your system on. Yes, hose dragging can be annoying, but is helpful at this in-between time.
  • In general, freezes get harder and longer going into November
  • If you know a freeze is coming and your system is not winterized, go to the tab at the top of the page “FREEZE WARNING”
  • All in all, how lucky do you feel?