Late April Freeze

Frosted designs on glass

YUP – a freeze is on the way – for sure!  The questions are: how many nights it will be, and how low the temperatures will go?  We always check 4 or so weather reports to try to figure out how the week will go.  This time, they all agree.  Predicting weather in Colorado is notoriously flaky, but sometimes the forecasters are right. In order to save money for repairs or worse (flooding) it helps to take preventative measures before the freeze.

If your system is on, find information on how to protect your system here:


Hard to imagine there will be one when February and March have been so warm over the past few years, right?  It’s getting harder each year to predict what the spring weather will be, but for sure – there will be a freeze.    When scheduling in March, I have people say with full confidence that “the cold is over, it won’t freeze” and all I can do is shrug.  It’s kinda like flipping a coin…maybe, maybe not.  Not too long ago we had a sudden freeze on May 1st that left broken backflows across the county.  If you know your system and know how to protect your system, then you have a chance of coming thru fine.  Good luck!

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