2020 Spring Sprinkler Turn-Ons

We are currently scheduling for start-ups for the season. We welcome new customers.

In this time of unpredictability, we are fortunate to do almost all our work outside. Regardless, we will adhere to safe practices, washing our hands before and after our visit to your property, safe distancing, and following current CDC guidelines,

If you are our customer – and we have normally entered your house for turning on valves, closing drains etc – we can instruct you, in many cases, how to do that yourself when our technician is on site. If we are equipped with a proper face mask and both parties agree, we may enter your house. This is applicable only if there are no virus symptoms in the house.

We will reschedule if we are showing any symptoms of the virus in our household.

Thank you for your patience as we weather this situation together.

Scheduling Winterizations

New customers welcome!!!

Winter is Coming and it’s time to schedule your systems.

Why have a professional company winterize your system? We make sure all drains and valves are free of water, and use a high powered compressor to blow air through your lines, which forces water out. Water left in the lines, even if no breakage occurs over the winters, tends to wear on the components, causing their life to severely deteriorate.

We also do winter work with your sprinkler system. Check out this website, or call us at 303.747.2810. It may not be too late to get that work done that did not get done this season. Start next Spring ready to go!

We do not advertise, most customers come to us through word of mouth.