Winterizing your system – Early, Middle or Late in October?


We are SCHEDULing  now for october winterizations  –  NEW CLIENTS WELCOME

Many people ask when is a good time to winterize their system in Boulder County.  Every season I hear people convinced both that it will be a mild October and it will get cold quickly.  Since we do not have a crystal ball to guide our customers, we leave the timing up to you.  Here are some factors to consider:

  • In a nutshell, if you do it early, there will be no freeze concern, hopefully (after all – it is Colorado)
  • If you have new plantings or veggies/flower beds you want to keep going, you can use a hose instead of leaving your system on. Yes, hoses can be annoying, but are helpful at this in-between time.
  • In general, freezes get harder and longer going into November
  • All in all, how lucky do you feel?




Boulder County Sprinkler Winterizations




Reasons to schedule now for a date in October, even if the weather forecast looks amazing for the next 10 days:

  • It will not last forever.   At some point there will be a freeze, and a zillion people will be trying to get appointments at one time.
  • You should already be hardening off your plants so they don’t go into shock when the inevitable arrives.  That means decreasing watering time to 2x or 1x a week (fresh plants excepted, hoses are helpful)