How Efficient is your Sprinkler System?

We are now in the full-fledged summer days – temperatures ranging from the 80s to the 100s.  This is when you can see the full efficiency of your system – what is working and what is not.

Contact us for  an estimate from a trained professional who will evaluate all aspects of your system.  We only charge you for the materials and labor we actually use, and we have a 2 year warranty on materials and labor.

A testament to our client satisfaction with us can be seen in our marketing.  This website, and word of mouth from satisfied customers are the only marketing we have ever needed.

Also, we love to train our customers on their systems and answer questions.


Brown spots are showing up on your lawn – did you know that your mowing habits can affect your lawn’s ability to retain water?  The longer you mow your blades of grass, the better for your lawn.   Remember, the length of your grass’s roots are directly proportional to the length of the blades of grass.  Less blade length = grass that will dry out quicker and create more brown spots. 




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