Boulder County and Lyons Sprinkler Turn-ons and Repair

Spring officially starts on March 20th, but there are obvious signs that spring is on its way – warmer temps, spring snows, long unseen animals and birds appearing.

  • Schedule early to assure you receive the day and time that fits your busy schedule.  We will start spring turn-ons in mid- April.  
  • Do you have a repair or system improvement that you would like to see completed before we turn on your system?   Call us and we can get you on our schedule.
  • We offer free estimates to our current clients.
  • Stay in touch to receive timely seasonal news that affect sprinklers/water usage in Boulder County.  Look to your lower right to sign-up for Cottonwood Sprinkler blog updates.


Every year we receive questions such as when to prune a spruce tree or what kind of grass mix to use.  For answers to a lot of your plant questions, please visit to The Colorado State University Extension webpage 


Lyons and the Flood

Every day we watch the rebuilding of “our” canyon out of Lyons  as the workers push to beat the spring run-off, and our hearts go out to those who lost so much.  We encourage you to consider “Shop Small’ by coming to Lyons to support our many shops – any amount you spend will help rebuild our town.  

Below are some websites that may be of interest:

What is Lyons About?

   Lyons is a place of parks –  flood before and after pictures

    Planet Bluegrass is working hard to be fully open this summer:

Lyons is known for it’s arts and crafts environment, and has many artists in residence who are generous with displaying their art throughout town. 

We are open and Scheduling for Winterizations Now


We would love to hear from you and get you scheduled.  We are scheduling winterizations for  the month of October.  We suggest that systems are winterized before the end of October to avoid deep freezing of pipes and backflows.

As temperatures get cooler, remember to decrease your watering time  to 2 days or less.  This will prepare your lawn and plants for their winter down-time.

We will NOT notify you when a freeze is imminent.  

When a freeze is on it’s way and your system is not winterized, check back to this blog and click on “Freeze Warning” to get instructions on how to protect your system.

Winter Services  

Snow Removal,

System Improvements,

Master-crafted flagstone patios 

and more ( see tab above)

“We have a large one acre lot and a complicated system with 18 zones, and I’ve gone through several sprinkler people trying to find someone committed to solving my problems rather than getting in and out as fast as they can.  Dan and Caroline have done the best job of anyone I’ve had.  They are professional, show up when they say the will and stay until the problem is solved.  Dan has been doing this a long time and knows what he’s doing.  He has sound and thoughtful advice.  I recommend them highly.”                     R.H. Boulder